Our housecall team gets asked "what can you do on a housecall?"  Well, the easy answer to that is "what can't we do!"  No really, it's easier to list the services we CAN'T do on a housecall appointment...


All our services are available on housecalls except:

        ~ X-Rays

        ~ Surgeries

        ~ Ultrasounds

        ~ Boarding

        ~ Labwork RESULTS*

*We can draw blood, collect urine/stool, & create skin slides but we are not able to perform the labwork itself until the samples are taken back to our clinic.*


Please call the clinic for an accurate quote on a housecall appointment: 656-2501.

Because there are many different factors including multiple pets (eligible for a discount,) and possible travel fee (outside city limits) we would prefer to give housecall quotes in person or via phone.


In general, our prices do NOT increase just because we come to you, as long as you can meet our service minimum.***


***We do have a service minimum for housecalls and have to charge a travel fee for any visits outside Billings city limits.