Pleae call the clinic for reservations and availabilty, 406-656-2501.


SMALL DOGS (less then 25 lbs.)

and CATS: $18


MEDIUM DOGS (26-50lbs.): $20


LARGE DOGS (51-100lbs.): $22


EXTRA LARGE DOGS (over 100 lbs.): $24



*Please note that we charge by the NIGHT, not by the day.  


If your pet is on medication while boarding with us, that will add $3 and is charged DAILY.



We can always administer vaccines while boarding if necessary, you will be charged accordingly.


This is a picture of our exercise yard.  Located out in back of the building, it is surrounded on 3 sides by privacy fencing, topped with a specially designed horizontal guard to eliminate escape (our boarding dogs, however, are never left unattended.)  What makes our yard unique is the material.  Our grass is synthetic making it ideal for dogs with allergies, incredibly easy to keep clean, and available year-round!  The dogs are LOVING it.


Our indoor boarding facility is clean and climate controlled.  We have the option to combine kennels and double the available space for your dogs.  We also have a large "family" kennel for your entire pack to stay together.  Cats are welcomed boarders too! Check out our Pictures section for views of both dog and cat kennels.  Or come by any time for a tour of the facility!  We realize that some places offer "play-time" and lots of people enjoy that option.  Here at Vet-To-Go, we don't let our boarders mingle for their own safety. 

A snapshot of our dog kennels