Every few months Vet-To-Go holds a low-cost spay/neuter clinic for dogs and cats.  These events run on a pre-paid, cash only basis and reservations are required.  If you have a dog or cat you would like to be "fixed", please CALL our office for reservation information @ (406) 860-2196.


These events are geared for low-income families, but Vet-To-Go will never ask for your personal financial information.  We do limit the number of animals to 2 per family for each event.  Male cats, however, are an exception and we do not place a limit for them...reservations are still required.



We are unable to honor our standard discounts (senior, military, and multi-pet) for the spay/neuter clinics.  Your money goes straight into supplies and Vet-To-Go does not make a profit on these events, thank you for your understanding.

Deworming your cat has never been easier!

PROFENDER is a TOPICAL dewormer which means NO MORE PILLS!  No more foaming at the mouth, no more bite marks, or scratched-up hands and arms.  PLUS, Profender is the only topical proven to get rid of TAPEWORMS!  We now carry all 3 sizes; stop in anytime to pick some up.

Heartworm season is May-October/November!!


We have so many outstanding products available this year.  Everything from Heartgard PLUS, Interceptor Plus and Simparica Trio!


Heartworm tests can be done at the clinic for $35 with a technician appointment!  We can also perform this service as a housecall-for no extra charge-in which case an appointment would be necessary.

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