Vet-To-Go and Dr. Lamm have been participating in this event for several years now; each year just as fun and rewarding as the previous.  This time Dr. Lamm had Tammy, Chanda, and Chelsey by her side.  Her canine assistants included Charlie, the beloved chihuahua, with Iris and Hawkeye the beautifu, handsomel and lovable greyhounds!  Check out these pictures:

Every few months Vet-To-Go holds a low-cost spay/neuter clinic for dogs and cats.  These events run on a pre-paid, cash only basis and reservations are required.  If you have a dog or cat you would like to be "fixed," please CALL our office for reservation information @ (406) 860-2196.


These events are geared for low-income families, but Vet-To-Go will never ask for your personal financial information.  We do limit the number of animals to 2 per family for each event.  Male cats, however, are an exception and we do not place a limit for them...reservations are still required.


All DOGS cost $45

All CATS cost $35


We are unable to honor our standard discounts (senior, military, and multi-pet) for the spay/neuter clinics.  Your money goes straight into supplies and Vet-To-Go does not make a profit on these events, thank you for your understanding.

Deworming your cat has never been easier!

PROFENDER is a TOPICAL dewormer which means NO MORE PILLS!  No more foaming at the mouth, no more bite marks, or scratched-up hands and arms.  PLUS, Profender is the only topical proven to get rid of TAPEWORMS!  We now carry all 3 sizes; stop in anytime to pick some up.

Heartworm season is coming in May!!


We have so many outstanding products available this year.  Everything from Heartgard PLUS -tried and true- to injectable Proheart6-lasts for 6 months.  And now we carry oral Sentinel Spectrum which not only prevents heartworms, it also kills whipworms, roundworms, hookworms, TAPEWORMS, and fleas!!  Super cool.


Both Heartgard PLUS and Sentinel Spectrum require a negative heartworm test only every 2 years.  Proheart6, however, requires a negative heartworm test every year.


Heartworm tests can be done at the clinic for $35 with no appointment!  We can also perform this service as a housecall-for no extra charge-in which case an appointment would be necessary.

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