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Unfortunately, this time of year can be terribly difficult for older pets.  We understand making the decision to euthanize is hard, really hard, and often the most self-less we can do for our pets.  Click on this link to view a Quality of Life worksheet that may help guide you in your decision-making process.   You can also find this worksheet using our navigation menu by first selecting "Our Services," then "Other Services," and finally "Quality of Life Worksheet."  We welcome you to call the office and schedule a consultation with one of our doctors if you are still struggling with the idea of euthanasia.

VET-TO-GO: Gentle, Affordable, Experienced Pet Care








Concerned about piling your entire furry family into the car?

Expecting an important phone call?

Waiting for the school bus? 

Only available on your lunch break?

Let us come to you!


Click on the our services link to find more about housecall services.

 Our service exceeds expectations with a friendly staff, extended office hours, and payment plans.  The doctors here at Vet-To-Go are down-to-earth and truly caring.  Our doctors start with the least invasive treatment methods to

ensure the safety and emotional stability of your beloved pets. 

We offer high quality products, including food, medications, toys, and collars/leashes from Lupine and Magruders brands.


We treat and board ALL breeds

of dogs and cats!


We offer the highest quality treatment for the lowest possible prices!

Our progressive treatment method guarantees you pay less for most services,

while benefiting from over 30 years of combined experience...

AND we make HOUSECALLS?!  


Vet-To-Go is inexpensive, knowledgeable,

and convenient!



Our services

From consultation to diagnostics and treatment: Our team is committed to preserving and restoring your animal's health. 

Boarding available for dogs and cats!